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  • Textiles Performance Test Project

    1. Functional test: tensile test, wear resistance test, flammability performance, water resistance test, water absorption, anti-static test, anti-UV test, antibacterial, breathability test, bursting test, etc.

    2. Yarn and fiber testing: fiber fineness, fiber diameter, fiber line density, filament yarn fineness, etc.

    3. Color fastness test: light fastness test, rubbing fastness, dry color fastness, color fastness to water, etc.

    4. Dimensional stability: washing stability, washing appearance, dry cleaning size stability, etc.

    5. Structural analysis: fabric density (woven fabric), fabric density (knitted fabric), weaving density coefficient, yarn count, etc.

    6. Other test items: zipper strength, zipper durability, color assessment, whiteness, etc.

    7. Ingredients and other analysis: fiber composition, moisture content, formaldehyde content, pH test, odor measurement, etc.

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