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  Bonnin Instrument Technology Ltd. is a group of Wuhan Bonnin Technology Ltd, we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of laboratory test equipments. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute laboratory instruments for a broad range of material analysis and life science applications. These instruments include textiles, pulp packaging, rubber, plastic, element analysis, sample prepration equipment, life science, freeze dryer, rotary evaporator, glass reactor, chiller, oven incubator, etc. Our company is headquartered in Wuhan, with manufacturing facilities. Currently having 19 liaison offices throughout the PRC, a subsidiary office in HongKong and a representative office in Singapore.

Established as a sole proprietorship in 1996, our operations today fall into two business segments: manufacturing and distribution. Also We have a dedicated Research and Development team focusing on improving the specifications of existing products.

|—— WHY BONNIN? ——|

    Bonnin is an ISO9001 certified enterprise, all products meet international production regulations such as ISO, ASTM, AATCC, EN, DIN, IEC, TAPPI, UL and GB. We supply quality and after-sales assurance, for 100% customer satisfaction.

     At Bonnin, we understand the purchase of a new testing machine is a big decision for customer, so our goal is to provide the customer with as much information as possible to assist in making that important decision. What we do?

1. Technical proposal: suggestions and official technical solutions will be sent to our customer according to their testing conditions. 

2. Quality inspection: the equipment manufactured based on the order, check each procedure of production strictly to ensure delivery on time; the debugging, commissioning testing finished before delivery.

3. Technical document: the documents regarding installation, operation, and routine maintenance in English will be offerred upon delivery.

4. Warranty period: any faulty parts free of charge during 12 months of warranty period , and respond to customer's problem in 24 hours. Bonnin ensure to efficient supply of accessoriey, which shall be carried by international Express, which freights will be charged in advance in cost.

5. One-stop purchasing base: a whole range of equipment, to offer you complete test solution.

6. Terminal support: our technician can go abroad to train your operator if need, also we have partners in some countries.

7. Free software upgrade in the future.



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+86 27 59766389

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