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What's the significance for carton stacking compression test analysis?
  • Our BN-8020 model box compression testers conform to the following international standards:
    ISO 12048 - Packaging -- Complete, filled transport packages -- Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester.
    ASTM D642 - Standard Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads.

    ASTM D4169 - Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems.

         Stacking strength refers to the warehouse storage of corrugated boxes packed under static pressure, just before collapse can withstand the load. Stacking strength can be tested by stacking strength test, but also calculated according to the test compressive strength. Stack strength refers to the load refers to the lowest layer of cardboard load, that is, the lowest layer of stacking strength. Stacking strength and compressive strength, as an important basis for measuring the strength of corrugated boxes, in modern transport and packaging design, stacking strength is more meaningful and practical value.

         Stacking strength test function - Used to determine the pressure durability of the specimen under simulated packaging and storage conditions. Lower the pressure plate on the test machine to the sample pressure to stop when it reaches the preset pressure, start timing and measure the deformation of the sample. 

         Under the influence of the compressive deformation of the sample, the pressure value continuously decreases. When the pressure decrease value gradually approaches the lower limit of the standard pressure fluctuation range, the testing machine automatically replenishes the pressure to the preset pressure and keeps it. During the whole test, the testing machine Repeatedly adjust the pressure in this way to ensure that the pressure fluctuation does not exceed the specified range until the specified stacking test time is reached. When the total deformation of the sample under pressure reaches 100mm, the tester automatically terminates the test.

         Calculate the compressive strength of the carton:
    Carton requires a certain degree of compressive strength, because after the packaging of goods in the storage process of stacking the lowest level of the carton by the pressure of the upper carton, in order not to collapse, it must have the appropriate compressive strength of the carton The compressive strength is calculated using the following formula:
    P = KW (n-1)
    In the formula
    P ---- carton compressive strength, N.
    W ---- Carton loading weight, N.
    N ---- stacking layer
    K ---- stacking safety factor
    The stacking number n is calculated from the stacking height H and the height h of a single carton, n = H / h
    Stacking safety factor according to the stacking of goods to determine the number of layers, GB stipulates:
    Storage period is less than 30d, K = 1.6
    Storage period 30d-100d,  K = 1.65
    Storage period is greater than 100d,  K = 2.0)

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