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Microcomputer compression strength tester
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  • Microcomputer compression strength tester is used to detect the ring crush of paper, edge crush of cardboard, adhesive strength and plate crush of corrugated board. The paper mill is typically used to detect paper ring strength (RCT) with a thickness of 0.15 to 1.00 mm. Cardboard, carton box companies are often used to detect corrugated board edge strength (ECT), flattening strength (FCT), adhesive strength (PAT) and core pressure (CMT) of diameter less than 60mm. The instrument is an ideal auxiliary testing equipment for papermaking enterprise, cardboard production enterprises, carton production enterprises, carton use enterprises and quality supervision and inspection departments.


    Related standards:

    GB / T 2679.8 "Determination of the compressive strength of paper and paperboard"; (Sample area: 152.4 x 12.7 mm)

    GB / T 6546 "Determination of edge strength of corrugated cardboard"; (sample area: 25mm × 100mm)

    GB / T 6548 "Determination of bond strength of corrugated board"; (sample area: 25mm × 80mm)

    GB / T 2679.6 "Determination of flattening strength of corrugated paper"; (sample area: 64.5cm2 / 32.2cm2)


    Technical parameters:



    Measuring range

    5 ~ 3000N


    ± 1%



    Plates parallelism


    Test speed

    12.5 ± 1mm / min

    Man-machine interface

    3.5in 320 * 240 dot matrix liquid crystal display, curve display

    Print output

    thermal printer

    Working environment

    temperature (20 ± 10) , humidity <85%




    450*400*500 mm

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