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Pipe Falling Hammer Impact Testing Machine
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  • Category: Product Testing For Rubber Plastic
  • Model:BN-KXL Series
  • Applicable to PVC-U, PVC-C pipe, PP pipe, PE pipe, underground communication pipe and other pipe, to the determination of impact toughness resistance. It is an ideal test equipment of the detection production units, building materials industry, scientific research units.
    The test machine has to prevent the secondary impact function, AC servo system, hammer speed fast, good positioning accuracy, high test efficiency, small air resistance, can automatically measure the height, drop hammer height can be set arbitrarily, hammer height automatic calibration, impact hammer weight can be assembled by weight, anti-secondary impact device capture rate of 100%, V-shaped iron to adjust to adapt to different diameter of the sample, the hammer falling free movement, according to the requirements.

    Compliance with standards ZB N72 026 ISO 3127 GB / T 18477 ISO4422

    Technical parameters:

    1) working environment temperature 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
    2) hammer maximum lifting impact height  2000mm
    3) hammer maximum lifting speed: 12m / min
    4) Impact hammer drop speed: 9.81m / s2
    5) Displacement measurement resolution 1mm
    6) Height error ± 2mm
    7) maximum pipe diameter φ450mm φ630mm
    8) maximum impact height 2000mm
    9) hammer mass 0.25kg ~ 15kg   each 0.25kg increase
    10) Hammer specifications R5, R10, R30, D25, D90
    11) Height positioning error ± 2mm
    12) Maximum impact energy 300J
    13) Power  AC 220 ± 10% 50Hz 0.5kW
    14) Dimensions  900 × 650 × 3600mm     900 × 900 × 3840mm
    15) Machine weight 280Kg 340Kg

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