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Glow Wire Test Chamber
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  • Model:BN-GWT1/2
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     This glow wire test chamber using (Ni80 / Cr20) and the shape of the electric wire (Φ4 mm nickel chrome wire) with a large current heating to the test temperature (550 ~ 960 , the specified pressure (1.0N) vertical burning the test products 30s, depending on whether the test sample and bedding is ignited or burning time to determine the flammability performance of electrical equipment. Determination of solid insulation materials and other solid combustible materials, ignition temperature, ignition temperature (GWIT) Flammability and Flammability Index (GWFI), also applies to insulating materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industry. In line with IEC60695  UL746A  IEC829   DIN695   VDE0471.


    Main technical parameters:

    1. Glow wire temperature: 500 ~ 1000 ℃ ± 2 continuously adjustable

    2. Hot time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s adjustable (generally selected for 30s)

    3. Ignition time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s, automatic recording, manual pause

    4. Extinguished time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s, automatic recording, manual pause

    5. Thermocouple: Φ0.5mm imported armored (K type) thermocouple

    6. Glowing wire: Φ4 mm nickel chrome wire

    7. Incubation depth: 7mm ± 0.5mm

    8. Sample pressure: 1N ± 0.2N

    9. Test speed: 14mm / s.

    10. Use the red line photoelectric stop switch, so that the limit is more accurate.

    11. SCR control thermostat system, so that the temperature adjustment more accurate.

    12. Time, temperature digital display, easy to observe records

    13. Test background: black background.

    14. Test process: test procedures automatic control, independent ventilation

    15. Studio volume: 0.5 cubic meters, (according to customer requirements made of stainless steel chassis, 0.75 Cubic or 1 cubic)

    16. Equipment size (W*D*H): 1000mm*650mm*1300mm

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