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Rubber Plasticity Testing Machine
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  • The rubber sample is placed between the smooth surfaces of the pressure hammer, compressed at a certain temperature and load for a certain period of time, the changes in height of the specimen is called the plasticity of the rubber sample.


    Technical parameters:

    Sample load: 49N ± 0.05

    Control temperature and error: 70 ± 0.5

    Dial indicator range: 0 ~ 30mm, accuracy 0.01mm

    Electric power: 220V ± 10%, 700W, 50Hz

    Weight: 35kg


    Working principle:

    The machine consists of constant temperature box, lifting mechanism, pressure components,constant temperature controller, timing alarm composition.

    1. Pressure components and work platforms installed in the constant temperature box.

    Press the hammer lifting mechanism control, press the move, you can manipulate the cam, so that the pressure hammer in the axial direction of the upper and lower sliding. The dial indicator is fixed on the top of the box and measures the value of the displacement of the specimen.

    2. Constant temperature controller

    Constant temperature controller by the electric heater, platinum thermal resistance, thermostat switch, digital temperature display regulator composition.

    3. Timing alarm

    The use of imported timing integrated circuits, which has a compact structure, high reliability, power consumption and other advantages. In the full test time specified after 3 minutes, automatically stop the timer, lift the hammer, the timer automatically zero, can be re-operation at any time.

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