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Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Aapparatus
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  • Model:K9840
  • Introduction:

    This semi-automatic Kjeldahl digestion apparatus adopts globally advanced high-temperature infrared radiation heating technology and microprocessor control platform, accurate temperature control and quick temperature rise. It has two kinds of temperature rise mode: linear and curve temperature rise mode, and offers 20 digestion programs for control of temperature rise curves.



    1, Manual or automatic mode changeover free;

    2, 4.3 inch color screen;

    3, Solutions adding are quantified;

    4, Multi protection, safety door, tube position, cooling water testing, etc.

    5, Self-trouble shooting functions for valves, pumps and sensors. 

    6, Tube and pips automatic emptying.


    Technical Data:

    Temperature range

    Room temperature +5 - 450

    Temperature accuracy


    Heating method

    Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction

    Heating insulation method

    unique air duct insulation technology

    Digestion tube capacity

    280ml(SH420) / 300ml(SH420F)

    Capacity per batch


    Power supply

    220 VAC±10% 50Hz





    Net weight


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