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Digital Brinell Rockwell Vickers Hardness Tester
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  • Model:HBRVS-187.5
  • Introduction:
    HBRVS-187.5 Digital Brinell hardness appearance, full-featured, easy to operate, clear and intuitive display, stable performance, is a light, machine, electricity in one of the high-tech products for Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers Three test methods for testing, with seven test force of multi-purpose hardness tester, to meet a variety of hardness testing needs. Has a high test accuracy, simple operation, high sensitivity, easy to use, indicating the value of stability and so on. Equipped with a built-in printer, and optional RS232 data cable through HyperTerminal and the computer connected to export measurement reports.

    Features as follows:
    1. The fuselage part of the product by molding a molding process, and after a long period of aging. Relative to the puzzle process, long-term use of deformation is minimal, and can effectively adapt to a variety of harsh environments;
    2. Car paint, paint high grade, anti-scratch ability, use for many years is still bright as new;
    3. Ready to use, no need to install weights;
    4. The use of large-screen touch LCD display interface, rich in content, easy to operate;
    5. With the Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers three test methods, seven test force, to meet a variety of hardness test requirements;
    6. Can be measured by the hardness of each scale to convert each other;
    7. Electronic closed-loop control to exert test force, accuracy of 5 ‰ force sensor to control the experimental force, the full realization of the test force loading, unloading and other automated operations;
    8. Body equipped with a microscope, and equipped with high-definition optical system to make readings clearer, reducing errors;
    9. Equipped with a built-in micro-printer, and can choose to buy RS232 data line through HyperTerminal and the computer connected to export measurement reports.

    Scope of application:
    Determination of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal and non-metallic Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness.
    Wide range of applications, can be widely used in the determination:
    a, Brinell hardness of castings, annealed steel, normalized steel, non-ferrous metals and soft alloys;
    b, quenching, quenching and other heat treatment materials Rockwell hardness;
    c, nitriding layer, ceramic, sheet, foil, plating, Vickers hardness of small parts.

    Technical Parameters:
    1. Total test force:
                     Rockwell: 60,100,150 Kgf (588,980,1471 N)
                     Brinell: 15.625, 31.25, 62.5, 125, 187.5 Kgf (153.2, 306.5, 612.9, 1226,   1839N)
                     Vickers: 5,10,20,30,50,100 Kgf (49.03,98.07,196.1,294.2,490.3,980.7N) 2 scale range:
    3. Scale range:
                Rockwell: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRF, HRG
                Brinell: HBW2.5 / 15.625, HBW2.5 / 31.25, HBW2.5 / 62.5, HBW5 / 125, HBW2.5                                               / 187.5
                Vickers: HV5, HV10, HV20, HV30, HV50, HV100
    3. Measuring range:
                      Rockwell: 20-88 HRA, 20-100 HRB, 20-70 HRC
                      Brinell: 5-650HBW
                      Vickers: 5-3000HV
    4. Head pressure to the fuselage distance: 160mm
    5. The maximum allowable height of the sample: Vickers 180mm, Brinell Vickers 165mm
    6. Hardness Dimension: 550 × 230 × 780mm
    7. Power: AC220V / 50Hz
    8. Instrument weight about: 80kg

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