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Computerized Tensile Strength Tester for packaging
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    This machine is widely used for various rubber, plastic film, braid, packing tape, wire and cable, textiles, metal wire and other metal, non-metallic, tensile strength and elongation of composite testing, it is an ideal testing equipment scientific research institutes, universities, Enterprise, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration departments.

    Instrument features:
    1. The use of AC system control, the use of the latest segmentation technology, the instrument positioning accuracy, fast response, saving the test time and improve the test efficiency;
    2. Using 32-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution of up to 1 / 10,000,000) and high-precision load cell to ensure that the instrument force data collection of the rapidity and accuracy;
    3. Can be connected to computer software, with real-time display compression curve function and data analysis function;
    4. The use of imported electrical components, high-speed data processing, the entire English menu, before the test can be pre-input sample parameters and test parameters, after the end of the test automatically calculate and output the maximum force, elongation, maximum tensile strength, Can save multiple sets of test data and results. 
    5. Stepless speed regulation (5-500mm / min arbitrary setting) screen real-time display test force, peak, test speed, running status and so on.
    6. Using a single space test structure, the sensor is bi-directional pull-pressure force sensing, tensile or compression tests are completed below, pre-selected test methods;
    7. With peak hold, sample break down, return to the original test and other functions, with upper and lower mechanical limit, electrical overload and other protection features. 
    8. According to the test of different choice of a variety of test methods, the matching test fixture to complete the tensile, compression, tearing, bending, peeling, ring stiffness test.

    Technical parameter:

    Capacity: 0-300KG; (50kg, 100kg, 200KG, 300KG optional)
    Precision grade: 0.5 level;
    The maximum load: 300KG
    Effective measuring range: 0.02 / 100-100%;
    The test force resolution, the maximum load 250,000 yards; inside and outside  regardless of file, and the entire resolution unchanged;
    The effective test width: 100mm;
    Effective stretching space: 650mm; (excluding fixtures)
    Test speed: 5 ~ 500mm / min;
    Speed accuracy: indication of ± 0.5% or less;
    Displacement measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% of the indication;
    Acquisition sensing: the United States high-precision sensors;
    Control system: AC system control;
    Software measurement and control system: all digital closed-loop control system, can achieve constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement, test function;
    Test lifting device: computer digital control;
    Safety protection device: automatic software diagnosis, electronic limit;
    Test regression: manual can return to the initial with test speed of the highest position, also can automatically returns after the test;
    Overload protection: can set the maximum load value, automatic protection;
    Fixture configuration: According to the requirements of the user sample products customized;
    Configuration brand Lenovo computer (optional)
    Dimensions 500*480*1020mm

    Host machine weight: 75kg

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