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Vacuum Freezing Dryer
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  • Instrument introduction
    Vacuum freeze-dryer: firstly freeze the water-containing material below the eutectic temperature to make the water solid ice, then under a higher vacuum, the ice is sublimated directly into water vapor, and then the water vapor condenser vapor condensation to obtain a dry product technology.
    Normal type: Suitable for freeze drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional materials.
    Gland type: not only suitable for freeze drying of bulk (liquid, pasty, solid) conventional substances, but also suitable for western Drying of forest bottled materials, lyophilized preparation, according to the need to separate the material in the vial, freeze-drying after the cover is well covered, after the end of drying, operate the capping device and move the cap tightly to achieve the vacuum state. Sealed, easy to long-term preservation.
    Technical parameters
    Freeze-dried area: 0.12m2 Material tray size: dia. 200mm
    Material tray number: 4 Material tray spacing: 70mm
    Cold trap temperature: ≤ -56°C (no load) Cold trap depth: 140mm
    Cold trap diameter: dia.215mm Water catching capacity: 3-4kg/24h
    Extraction rate: 2L/S ultimate vacuum: ≤5pa (empty)
    Installed power: 970w Host weight: 41kg
    Drying chamber size: dia.260×430mm Cooling method: air-cooled
    Defrosting Mode: Naturalized Cream Packing Material: 1.2L (material thickness 10mm)
    Host Dimensions: 615×450×370mm
    Main feature
    1. The overall design of this machine is compact, small in size, easy to operate and flexible.
    2. Liquid crystal display, and record drying curve, touch control system, high precision, fast operation speed.
    3. Liquid crystal display window, curve and digital display condenser
    4. Temperature, sample temperature, vacuum degree.
    5. Explosion-proof, drop-resistant, crack-proof, polymer synthetic organic glass cover is safe and intuitive.
    6. The machine comes with pre-frozen function, saving the cost of low-temperature refrigerator, a multi-purpose machine.
    7. The interface between the vacuum pump and the host adopts an international standard interface. The KF series clamps can be used in combination with various vacuum pumps.
    8. Optional inert gas filling function to extend the storage time of freeze-dried materials.
    9. According to the requirements of optional dual-cascade refrigeration system, the condensing temperature up to -80 °C, mature technology, stable performance.
    10. Configure USB data communication interface, one-key output of experimental data, and can be viewed in the computer to print and a variety of operations.

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