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Fabric Moisture Oven
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  • Category: Product Testing For Textile Fabric
  • Model:YG747
  • Scope of application
    It is used for the determination of moisture regain (or moisture content) of various fibers, yarns and textiles and other constant temperature drying.


    Related standards
    GB/T 9995 ISO 6741.1 ISO 2060

    Instrument Features

    1, using microcomputer control and large-screen LCD display, full Chinese menu operation.
    2. Drying and timing alarm according to the preset program, and automatically compare the weighing results of the two times before and after. When the difference between the two weighing results is less than the specified value, the test is considered complete.
    3. The temperature and humidity of the laboratory can be input. The instrument can correct the test results without manual calculation.
    At the end of the test, the instrument can automatically print the test report.


    Technical Parameters
    1. Control mode: dry according to the preset program, time alarm, automatic settlement.
    2. Ventilation form: forced hot air convection
    3. Drying time: <40min
    4. Temperature range: room temperature -150 ° C
    5. Control accuracy: ± 1 ° C
    6. Wind speed close to the sample: >0.5m/s
    7. Ventilation speed: more than 1/4 oven times per minute
    8. Electronic balance weighing: 300g, 0.01g
    9. Dimensions: 990 × 870 × 1150mmmm
    10. Power supply: AC380V, 2.75kW

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