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Water-cooled Xenon Lamp Test Chamber
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  • Model:YG611E-V

  • Application areas

    Widely used in rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, petrochemicals, automobiles, textiles and other industries and materials for solar radiation simulation of light color fastness, flashing color fastness and photoaging, through simulation of light, rain, The climatic conditions such as spray, light and dark, temperature and humidity are used to determine the fading, aging, fading, transmittance, peeling, hardening, softening and other performance changes of the material.

    Related standard

    Textile: GB/T8430 GB/T12831 GB/T14576 GB/T8427 GB/T1189 GB/T9344 GB 150.7 GB/T16422.1 GB/T1865 GB/T2423.24

    Wood-based panels: AATCCTM16 ASTMG26 ASTM D2565 ASTMD4459 ASTM D6695 ASTM G155 SAE J1885 SAE J2412 SAE J2212 SAE J1960 SAE J2527 AATCC169

    Automotive interior: ISO105 ASE J1885KJ ISO11341 ISO4892 ISO03917 ISO11341 ISO 4892-2

    Leather: PV 1303 PV 3929 PV 3930 DVM 0067-MA HES D6601 NES M0135 TSL 0601G GMW3414 EDS-T-7415 D47 1431

    Instrument Features

    1. It adopts 4500W water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp, which is the first in China to achieve high-efficiency electric energy and light energy conversion technology. It is matched with high-transmittance filter system, and the energy of the same energy is lower, which makes the machine truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    2. Standard 420nm band, optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 280-800nm band monitoring, irradiance digital setting, real-time monitoring, automatic adjustment, to meet the stability requirements of different standards for test light source.

    3. Irradiance uses optical fiber technology to guide light, 16-bit AD sampling, after 32-bit CPU processing, digital setting, AC variable frequency stepless adjustment xenon lamp, fully realize closed-loop stable automatic compensation.

    4. The instrument uses the standard lamp to calibrate the patented technology, which can completely eliminate the aging of the irradiance acquisition system due to long-term test.

    5. The blackboard thermometer (BPT), the standard blackboard thermometer (BST) and the sample station (isometric) are tested to reflect the measured condition of the sample.

    6. Industrial temperature control (refrigeration) system, water tank heating produces water vapor to control the humidification system, quickly adjust the temperature and humidity in the test chamber to ensure accurate and stable test temperature and humidity.

    7. Cooling water is mixed with internal circulation and energy-efficient heat exchange system to save water consumption to a higher degree.

    8. Large-scale experimental warehouse design, large-size drum-type sample hanging column, the exposed area is up to 4700cm2.

    9, 10.4 inch color touch screen display control, Chinese and English operation interface, a variety of experimental monitoring mode (animation, digital, chart), multi-segment operation mode programming, support online programming without downtime, easy to operate, intuitive and clear.

    10. All sample holders can be separately timed, and different samples can be tested in the same machine to facilitate test and monitoring, reduce operating costs, run time and separate timing to prevent power failure and prevent accidental power failure.

    11. 48pcs station monitoring, free to set and query the irradiation energy.

    12. With fault prompt function and self-diagnosis function.

    Technical parameters

    1. Test chamber temperature control range: 2093°C; resolution; 0.1°C

    2. Test chamber humidity control range:

    Light cycle: 10 ~ 85RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%

    Dark cycle: 30 ~ 100RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%

    3. Standard blackboard thermometer: 35 ~ 125 ° C; resolution: 0.1 ° C

    4. Blackboard thermometer (optional): 35 ~ 120 ° C; resolution: 0.1 ° C

    5. Test time control range: 10000h

    6. Irradiance control range: 0.6 ~ 1.20W / m2 @ 420nm; (optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm or 280-800nm), accuracy: ± 0.02W / m2 @ 420nm; digital settings, automatic compensation

    7. Xenon arc lamp rated power: 4.5KW

    8. Sample rack rotation speed: 5rpm can be set

    9. Sample clip distribution diameter: Φ550mm

    10. Can be loaded with sample clip size and number of pieces: sample exposure area 4700cm2, GB national standard 47pcs, American standard 35pcs

    11. Each sample clip time: 10000h

    12. Light cycle: 1000h

    13. Spray cycle: 1000h

    14. Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz 10KW

    15. Dimensions: 1200 × 900 × 1800mm

    16. Weight: 360kg

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