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Wool Fiber Fineness Tester
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  • Scope
    This Fibre Fineness Analysis System applies to determine fiber diameter or cross sectional area and fibre content through software analysis system. The instrument connects the optical microscope and the computer by High-resolution Industrial Camera, and relies on the professional analysis software. Meet to ISO 137 AATCC 20A test standards, can be applied to animal fiber, chemical fiber, cotton fiber, hemp fiber, natural fiber, abnormal shape fiber, hollow cored fiber, etc.

    1. Fiber diameter, cross sectional area and fiber content can be got by analyzing the all kinds of fibers.
    2. Can measure up to 20 kinds of fiber diameter and root at the same time, and calculate the percentage by weight and fiber linear density value (denier, decitex, public support, etc.) 
    3. Can be display diameter of each fiber and the average value, standard deviation, CV values and histogram.
    4. Professional analysis software, output the data and report forms by EXCEL.
    5. Provide the picture database of special animal fiber, chemical fiber, cotton and hemp fiber, it can promote the operator’s differentiate ability.
    6. Also can directly calculate the abnormal degree, hollow degree, linear density and other key parameters.
    7. Fibers of different forms cross-sectional area can be automatic classed and determine the each percentage. (Degree of automation up to the sampling preparation )

    Main technical parameters
    1. Measuring range: 2~200um±0.5um (adjustable)
    2. Measurement repeatability ±0.1um
    3. Measurement speed 50un/min
    4. Eye lens 25×
    5. Object lens 4×, 10×, 20×
    6. Amplifier times 100×, 250×, 500×, 1000x, 2000x

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