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Yarn Filament Tensile Strength Tester
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  • Category: Product Testing For Textile Fabric
  • Model:YG021
  • Scope of application
    It is used for testing the breaking strength and elongation of single yarns and pure or blended yarns of various cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber and core yarn.

    Test standards
    GB/T 14344, GB/T 3916, ISO 2062, ASTM D2256, etc.

    Instrument characteristics
    1. Equipped with standard 320X240 LCD screen, the test results are displayed directly.
    2. Built-in self-editing settings window, can be freely set, suitable for testing of different samples.
    3. According to the parameter setting value, the data can be automatically grouped and the internal storage space is dynamically allocated.
    4. The parameter setting can set the clamping distance. The test clamp distance does not need to move the positioning block, and the host automatically locates according to the setting.
    5. Unique timing stretching function, stretching time can be set freely.
    6. Support computer communication, can be online, equipped with professional software analysis system, easy for data analysis and backup.
    7. The domestic first sample test and data processing software uses multi-threaded processing, the test really achieve zero wait.
    8. The software can perform data analysis such as break point, break point, yield point, initial modulus, elastic plastic deformation, etc., to facilitate the mechanical test analysis of various materials.

    Technical Parameters
    1. Working mode: constant velocity elongation (CRE) principle, microcomputer control, LCD Chinese display, support online communication
    2. Force measurement range: 1% to 100% of full scale
                Model   -5     -50
                Full scale   50N   500N
    3. Test accuracy: ≤0.2%F•S
    4. Stretching speed: 50 ~ 1000mm / min
    5. The maximum elongation: 800mm
    6. Clamping distance: 50 ~ 500mm, digital settings
    7. Pre-tension: 0-150cN tension scale
    8. Power: AC220V 50HZ 250W
    9. Dimensions: 520 × 400 × 1600mm
    10. Weight: 60Kg

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