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Xenon Light Fastness Tester
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  • Model:YG611E-III
  • Application
    YG611 series xenon light fastness tester is suitable for the light color fastness to weather, the color fastness test of light sweat and the experiment of photoaging of textile, paint, dye, paint, rubber, plastic, wood. It has the functions of rain, revolution, rotation and spray resistance and other weathering test, and so on.

    Test standards
    GB / T 8427, ISO 105-B02, GB / T 8430, ISO 105-B04, GB / T 14576, AATCC TM 16, GB / T 15102, GB / T 15104 ASTM D4355

    Instrument Features
    1. Using 2500W long arc xenon lamp, the real simulation of solar spectroscopy.
    2. High transmittance filter combination, the use of 95% transmittance filters and filters, to achieve the same irradiance of light requirements of low power consumption, the instrument more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
    3. The standard 420nm band, the irradiance digital set, real-time monitoring, closed-loop automatic adjustment for different standards to provide the most stable test light source (optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm and 300-800nm band).
    4. Radiation meter detection and wireless transmission using light energy conversion technology to provide energy, no need to separate power supply.
    5. Blackboard thermometer (BPT), standard blackboard thermometer (BST), irradiometer and sample the same station (equidistant) detection, a true reflection of the test conditions, the measured data using radio frequency technology synchronization transmission.
    6. Industrial temperature control (refrigeration) system, multi-stage ultrasonic humidification intelligent control system, quickly adjust the temperature and humidity inside the test room to ensure accurate and stable temperature and humidity test.
    7. A variety of operating modes (rain, alternating light and dark, revolution and rotation), can simulate the real state of the climate.
    8. All the sample clamp to achieve the timing, can be different samples of the same machine experiments to facilitate the test and monitoring, reduce operating costs, running time and respectively 9. 10.4 inch large color touch screen control, a variety of test monitoring mode (animation, digital, chart), easy to operate, intuitive and clear.
    11. A test can be continuous 1000 hours to run the quality assurance.

    Technical parameters
    1, with light, rain, light and dark alternation, revolution, rotation function, which light and dark alternate test function in strict accordance with the AATCC TM16-4 standard, xenon lamp in accordance with a certain percentage of time automatically turn off automatically (instead of the previous sample folder 180 ° Flip), and the temperature and humidity can be changed according to the standard.
    2, the test chamber temperature control range: 25 ~ 50 ℃; resolution: 0.1 ℃
    3, the test chamber humidity control range: light cycle: 10 ~ 70RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%
    Dark cycle: 30 ~ 95RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%
    4, the standard blackboard thermometer: 40 ~ 85 ℃; Accuracy: ± 1 ℃; Resolution: 0.1 ℃
    5, blackboard thermometer (optional): 40 ~ 80 ℃; Accuracy: ± 2 ℃; Resolution: 0.1 ℃
    6, the test time control range: ≤ 10000h
    7, Irradiation control range: 0.8 ~ 2.01W / m²@420nm; (optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm or 300-800nm)
                 Accuracy: ±0.02W / m²@420nm; digital setting, closed-loop automatic compensation;
    8, xenon arc lamp rated power: 2.5KW
    9, sample rack rotation speed: revolution: 5r / min; rotation: 180 ° / turn
    10, can be loaded the number of pieces of sample: GB 12 (135 × 45mm), American Standard 6 (135 × 70mm)
    11, each sample folder were time: ≤ 10000h
    12, light cycle: ≤ 1000h
    13, spray cycle: ≤ 1000h
    14, power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz 5.0KW Rated power: 2.5KW
    15, dimensions: 1000 × 550 × 1570mm
    16, weight: 180kg

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