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Laboratory Pulp Digestor
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  • This electric cooking pot is suitable for cooking various fiber raw materials by acid or alkali method, and the desired plant slurry can be obtained according to the same process requirement. It can also be used for cooking of other liquid materials with a working pressure not exceeding 8Kg/cm2.

    1. The raw materials and liquid medicine in the pot body can be fully mixed by the rotation of the pot body. The concentration and temperature of the liquid medicine are relatively uniform, and the pulp quality is relatively uniform. The liquid ratio is small and the concentration of the chemical solution is high, which shortens the cooking time. The pot body is made of 304 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant.
    2. The geared motor directly drives the pot body to rotate, with low noise and stable operation.
    3. The electric control system adopts brushless conduction to avoid common catastrophic failures such as poor contact, sparking, inaccurate temperature measurement, temperature loss control and pressure loss control.
    4. The shell is made of high quality new insulation material, the shell temperature is low, and the heating speed is fast.

    Main parameters
    1. Steamer capacity: 15 liters
    2. Pot diameter: Ø 207mm
    3. Pot height: 475mm
        Maximum working pressure: 0.8MPa
    4. Imported safety valve: material 316 opening pressure 0.9Mpa caliber ZG1/2
    5. Hydraulic pressure test pressure: 12kg/cm2.
    6. Steamer speed: 1.2 rpm
    7. Motor power: 0.37Kw, voltage 380V
    8. Power supply: 380V; 50HZ; 380V; 60HZ
    9. Heating coil power: 750vvX6 working voltage 380V
    10. Total power: 4.87kw
    11. Intelligent programmable regulator (64 segments): XMT633-SSR-RS485
          Power supply voltage: AC/DC85-260V
           Communication output: interface mode is photoelectric isolation master-slave asynchronous     serial RS-485 communication interface
    Baud rate 1200~9600bps (maximum online 64) adjustable
    12. Stainless steel stop valve J24H-64P high temperature type diameter M20 × 1.5 2
    13. Stainless steel 316 one-way oxygen inlet: caliber M20 × 1.5 (for oxygen bleaching)
    14. Stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge: YP-100F pressure resistance 0~1.6Mpa corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance M20×1.5
    15. Thermal resistance: WZP-231 type L=150 × 100mm Graduation number PT100 Temperature measurement range -200~450°C Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance M27×2
    16. Dimensions: 1000mm × 360mm × 1230mm
    17. Total weight: 250kg

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