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Protective Clothing Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester
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  • Model:YG812F
  • Application
    Used for the resistance of synthetic blood to penetration of synthetic blood under different test pressures.


    GB / T 19082-2009


    Instrument characteristics
    1. Touch screen control, man-machine dialogue mode, convenient operation.
    2. The instrument fixture is easy to operate, all stainless steel, durable.
    3. Using digital automatic pressure regulation, automatic pressure control and real-time stability, greatly improving test efficiency and accuracy.
    4. It has the function of preventing pressure overshoot and avoid affecting the test results.
    5. Humanized operation, automatic timing when the set pressure is reached, and automatic reminding of the end of timing.


    Technical parameters
    1. Pressure setting range: 0.2 ~ 30kPa Resolution: 0.01kPa
    2. Time setting range: 1 ~ 999min Resolution: 1s
    3. Sample size: 75mm × 75mm
    4. Blocking screen: 304 stainless steel; open space ≥50%; bending ≤5mm at 14kPa
    5. Clamp torque: 13.5N • m (optional special torque wrench is available)
    6. Dimensions: 450 × 405 × 390mm
    7. Weight: 25kg
    8. Power source: AC220V 50Hz 100W

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