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Ink Offset Printing Proofer
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      Offset printing spot color proofing machine is to imitate the working principle of the design and production of the press, the proofing machine pressure adjustable, a wide range of substrates for printing and packaging production, paper production enterprises, ink production enterprises and research institutions, and so on use. Spot color proofing research through standard proofing to accurately predict the hue of ink. Through the continuous comparison with the color of the standard to determine the correct ratio of ink, spot color deployment is correct and then in accordance with the ratio in the printing press on the mass production, making the color work completely into prepress work.

    GB / T 8941, ISO2813, ISO 2469, ISO 9416, GB / T 7973, GB / T 7974, GB / T 12911, GB / T7706, ASTM D 6531

    Technical parameter:
    1. Even ink method: automatic ink (uniform ink time adjustable)
    2. Printing accessories: printing pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material external
    3. Printing pressure: -1 + 1mm Manual adjustment, printing pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the external precision
    3. Uniform ink speed: third gear direct speed, respectively, 400, 550, 700 r / min. Speed according to the characteristics of the ink and the characteristics of the paper shift adjustment, adjustable speed 0-900 r / min.
    5. Development speed: third gear speed: 10,15,20 r / min, speed control, 0-25 rev / min.
    6. Printing roller width: 225mm (color development area of the largest 225MM × 210MM)
    7. Color effective area: 40mm x 220 mm (4 strips)
    8. Inverter: Taiwan Delta
    9. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
    10. Working environment: temperature (20 ± 10 ℃), humidity <85%

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