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Electro-hydraulic Servo Tensile Tester
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  • Model:WAW-600B, WAW-600D
  • WAW Series Computer Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine


    It is mainly used for mechanical testing properties such as tensile, compression, bending and shearing of metal materials, also can do the tensile, compression and bending test under environment, for example: high temperature tensile, low temperature tensile and compression and other tests.


    Application industry:

    Aerospace, machinery manufacturing, building materials and other industries of material inspection and analysis, scientific research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision and so on


    Main features:

    1. The host machine

    The machine is equipped with a cylinder under the host machine, tensile upward and compression downward.

    2. Hydraulic system

    The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is driven by the motor into the oil passage through the motor, flows through the check valve, the high pressure oil filter, the pressure difference valve group, the servo valve and enters the cylinder. The computer sends out the control signal to the servo valve, controls the opening and the direction of the servo valve, thus controls the flow rate into the cylinder, realizes the constant speed test force, the constant velocity displacement and so on the control.

    3. Electrical measurement and control system:

    Servo control oil core components are imported original device, stable performance.

    With overload, over-current, overvoltage, displacement upper and lower limits and emergency stop protection.

    Can achieve the test force, specimen deformation and beam displacement and other closed-loop control, can achieve constant speed test force, constant velocity displacement, constant velocity strain, constant load cycle, constant velocity deformation cycle and other tests.

    A variety of control modes can be smoothly switched. At the end of the test, the initial position can be returned automatically.

    4. Control software features

    The control software can complete real-time load - deformation, load - displacement measurement and data processing, the results output and computer storage, loading and other functions, zero, calibration and other operations.

    Support a variety of control methods, including open-loop constant speed and constant velocity, constant current stress and other closed-loop control.

    Can record, save the test process data curve, you can curve comparison, easy to compare and print test report.

    5. Safety protection device

    When the test force exceeds the maximum test force of 2% -5%, overload protection, system unloading.

    When the piston rises to the upper limit position, the stroke is protected and the pump motor is stopped.


    Technical parameters:


    WAW-600B, 600D


    Computerized electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine

    Maximum test force


    The relative error of test force

    ≤ ± 1% of indication

    Test force measurement range

    2% to 100% of maximum test force

    Number of columns

    2 columns /4 columns

    Displacement measurement resolution


    Displacement indication relative error

    ≤ ± 1.0%

    Deformation indication relative error

    ≤ ± 1.0%

    Constant speed stress control range (N / mm2 · S-1)


    Constant speed strain control range


    Constant speed displacement control range (mm / min)


    Clamping method

    Hydraulic clamping

    Round specimen clamping diameter range mm


    Flat specimen clamping thickness range mm


    Flat specimen clamping width mm


    Maximum tensile test space mm


    Maximum compression test space mm


    Control cabinet dimensions mm


    Mainframe dimensions mm


    Motor power kW


    Net weight kg


    Column spacing (mm)


    Up and down platen size mm


    Bending bar spacing mm


    Bending bar width mm


    Allowable bending degree mm


    Maximum piston stroke mm


    Piston maximum movement speed mm / min

    About 80

    Test space adjustment speed mm / min

    About 150

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