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Carton Compressive Strength Tester
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    Carton compressive strength tester, is also named of microcomputer carton stacker, carton stacking test machine. The test instrument is the basic equipment for testing  compression strength performance (stacking test) of the corrugated box and other packaging products, the main use in the carton compression test, empty box compression test, whole box compression test, color box compression test, beer box compression test and so on. The carton stacker has the parameters of test, display, memory, statistics, printing and compression curve real-time display and other functions. With data processing functions, can be directly derived from the statistical results of the data, with automatic reset and fault diagnosis, easy to operate. The performance parameters and technical indicators of carton compressive strength tester in line with ISO2872 "packaging - complete, full of transport packages - pressure test", ISO2874 "packaging - complete , Full of transport packages - stacking test with pressure testing machine "and GB / T4857.4" transport package basic test pressure test method "and other standards.

           The carton compressive strength tester has three standard working modes, its function is described as follows:

       Strength test: can measure the maximum compressive strength of the box (stacking test) and displacement;

      Setting value test: according to the setting pressure and displacement, to detect the overall performance of the box;

       Stacking test: according to national standards, can be 12 hours, 24 hours and other conditions of the stacking test.


    Related test standards:

    ISO2872, ISO2874, TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, ASTM-D642, BS EN ISO 12048, GB/T4857.16, GB/T8167, GB/T8168, GB/T4857.3, GB/T4857.4, QB/T1048


    Technical parameters:


     BN-8020 Series

    Measuring Range




    Test space



    (1000*1000*1200)mm, customized



    Error of deformation


    Test speed

    (10±3) mm/minstacking test5±1mm/min

    Return speed



    N /Lbf /kgf  interchange


    Real-time dynamic display load value, displacement value, deformation value, test speed and test curve


    Modular integrated thermal printer

    Safety Devices

    Overload protection, overvoltage protection, limited position protection device


    AC 220v/ 50Hz

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