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Concrete Compression Testing Machine
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  • Model:YAW-2000D
  • YAW-2000D Automatic concrete compression testing machine



    The measurement control system adopts high-precision digital servo valve, with force closed-loop control function, can achieve the same load rate loading or equal stress rate loading, high control accuracy, good reliability, the use of computer to achieve electronic measurement, automatic compression test, automatic calculation and print reports, widely used in the construction industry and testing units.


    Hydraulic system:

    The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is driven by the high-pressure pump into the oil passage through the motor, flows through the check valve, the high pressure oil filter, the pressure difference valve group, the servo valve and enters the cylinder. The computer sends a control signal to the servo valve to control the opening and the direction of the servo valve so as to control the flow rate into the cylinder and realize the control of the constant speed test force.


    Force system:

    Using high-precision amplifier and A / D converter, the whole non-file, real-time display load, peak, loading speed and strength;

    PID closed-loop control strategy to achieve constant speed loading, real-time display load curve

    Automatic interval timing and continuous test;

    Query, print test results flexible and convenient;

    Safety protection device, When the test force exceeds 3% of the maximum test force, overload protection, pump motor shutdown.


    Main performance specifications:

    Maximum test force (kN)


    Test force range


    The relative error of test force

    <±1% of the value

    Upper and lower platen spacing (mm)


    Piston stroke (mm)


    Column spacing (mm)


    Pressure plate size (mm)


    Mainframe dimensions (mm)


    Oil source dimensions (mm)


    Motor power (kW)


    Total weight (kg)


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