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Charpy Impact Sample Cutter
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  • Model:VU-2D
  • Charpy impact sample cutter is exclusively used for accurately processing the V-shaped notch and U-shaped notch of impact specimens, being the indispensable special equipment used for impact test of metal materials and also the ideal auxiliary impact equipment for physicochemical laboratories of such industries as metallurgy industry, boiler pressure vessel industry, truck, ship and machine manufacture industry, etc.


        Do not need change broach for processing V-shaped or U-shaped notch sample, only need 10 seconds, reliable and easy to operate. V-and U-shaped notch, respectively, to meet impact test methods ASTM E23, ISO148, ISO0083 and other domestic and foreign standards requirements.


       The broaching machine with the broach W18Cr4V manufacturing, high hardness, wear resistance, each can be processed sample of more than 20,000 times.


    Technical parameters:

    Sample shape

    V-type, U-shaped

    Sample size

    10 × 10 (7.5, 2.5) × 55

    Broach stroke


    Broaching speed



    AC380V 50Hz 0.4Kw


    350 × 510 × 1280



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