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Digital Whiteness Tester
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  • Digital whiteness tester is used to determine the object's whiteness, yellowness, color and color difference, but also can determine the opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient, light absorption coefficient and ink absorption value. The instrument is widely used in papermaking, printing, textile printing and dyeing, ceramic enamel, building materials, chemicals, food, salt and other industries, in line with GB7973: diffuse reflectance test (d / o) of paper pulp, paper and paperboard.


    Technical parameters:

    1. Analog D65 illuminated body lighting. Using CIE1964 complement color system and CIE1976 (L * a * b *) color space color difference formula.

    2. Using d / o lighting to observe geometric conditions. Diffuse ball diameter of 150mm, measuring hole diameter of 25mm, with light absorber, eliminating the impact of specular reflection light.

    3. Measurement: reflection

    4. Repeatability 0.1

    5. Indication drift 0.1

    6. Zero drift 0.1

    7. Indication error 0.5

    8. Measuring hole diameter: Ф20mm

    9. Output: 3 and a half digital display, you can also use the printer to print out the data (the printer for the optional accessories by the user to choose their own)

    10. Working environment: temperature (0-40) , relative humidity <80% RH

    11. Power supply: AC (220 ± 22) V, 50Hz (0.2A)

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