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    The PCT High Pressure Accelerated Aging Life Tester is designed to test the moisture capacity of the semiconductor package. The product to be tested is tested at severe temperature, humidity and pressure. The moisture will penetrate the package along the interface of the colloid or colloid and the lead frame , The common failure mode for the active metalized area caused by the corrosion of the road, or lead between the package due to pollution caused by short circuit. PCT high pressure accelerated aging life testing machine is widely used in circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, IC, LCD, magnets and other products of the sealing performance testing, testing of its products, pressure, air tightness. The purpose of the accelerated aging test is to increase the environmental stress (eg, temperature) and the working stress (voltage applied to the product, load, etc.) to speed up the test process and shorten the life test time of the product or system.


    Technical Parameters:

    Model: BN-PCT-30, BN-PCT-35, BN-PCT-40

    Inner box size (mm): Φ300 × D500, Φ350 × D500, Φ400 × D500

    Temperature range: 100  ~ 132 

    Humidity range: 100% RH saturated vapor

    Pressure range: ambient atmospheric pressure +0 ~ 4kg / cm2

    Circulation: water vapor natural convection cycle

    Inner Box Material: Stainless Steel Plate Material # SUS304 Outer Box Material: Stainless Steel Plate Material # SUS304

    Time range: 0 to 999 Hr Press time: 0.00 Kg to 2.00 Kg / cm2 for about 45 minutes


    Instrument features:

    1. The test process automatically runs to the end of test, easy to use.

    2. Double overheating protection device, when the pot temperature is too high, the machine tweet the alarm and automatically cut off the heating power.

    3. LED temperature controller for accurate test temperature set, control and display, PID control error ± 0.1 .

    4. LED timer, when the pot temperature reaches the time after the start to ensure that the test is complete.

    5. Precise pressure, temperature control display.

    6. The running machine automatically discharges the unsaturated steam to achieve the best steam quality.

    7. During the test, the water level can be automatically added when the water level is insufficient. The test is not interrupted and the safety is ensured.

    8. The pot safety device, the pot door if not closed the machine can not start.

    9. Safety valve, when the pressure inside the pot exceeds the maximum working value of automatic exhaust pressure relief.

    10. Door protection, made of ABS material to prevent the operator contact burns.

    11. One-piece silicone door gasket, good air density, and long service life.

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