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Vicat Softening Temperature Tester
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  • Category: Product Testing For Rubber Plastic
  • Model:XRW-300AL/CL-3/6
  • Description:

    XRW-300 Heat Deformation Vicat softening temperature tester manufactured based on the latest international standards and national standards, mainly for determination of the heat distortion temperature and Vicat softening point temperature of plastics, hard rubber, nylon, electrical insulation materials, long fiber reinforced composite materials, high strength thermosetting laminates and other non-metallic.


    Using the industrial computer control, solid state hard drive, fanless design, system stability, low failure rate, digital dial indicator deformation, real-time curve drawing, directly on the PC test data on the secondary processing, test data can be imported into the OFFICE software In the editing and publishing. The sample rack is automatically lifted, don't need manual operation.


    ISO 2507, ISO 75, ISO 306, ASTM D1525, ASTM D648 Thermoplastics pipes and tubes - Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST) and Thermal deformation (HDT).


    Technical parameters:



    Sample holder lift mode

    Manual/Automatic lift

    Control method

    Microcontroller control system, Industrial computer control software

    Temperature range

    Room temperature ~ 300

    Heating rate

    120 ° C / h, 50 ° C / h

    Maximum temperature error

    ± 0.5

    Temperature measurement point


    Sample station

    3/6 station

    Deformation measuring guage

    Digital dial guage

    Deformation measurement range

    0 ~ 1.5mm, 10mm

    Specimen support span

    64mm, 100mm (customized)

    Maximum deformation measurement error


    Heating medium

    Methyl silicone oil

    Cooling method

    the natural cooling above 150 , water or natural cooling below 150 ;

    Instrument size


    Power supply

    220VAC  50Hz

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