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XNR-400B Melt Flow Index Tester
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  • Category: Product Testing For Rubber Plastic
  • Model:XNR-400B
  •     The melt flow tester is used for testing the melt flowability of thermoplastic polymers at high temperatures such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene, ABS resin, polycarbonate, nylon fluoroplastics and other high polymer. The machine adopts the industrial PLC programmable controller, with micro-printer, to print test report. Automatic temperature control, operation method is divided into manual, time control, automatic three kinds of cutting way, can realize MFR test methods. The machine also can measure the the melt density of raw material at the test temperature, the system also has a temperature calibration function.

         The machine is high-end models in the same industry, simple operation, stable operation, long time to test, praised by users. In line with ASTMD1238, BS2782, ISO1133 and others.


    Technical parameters

    Measuring range: 0.1-400.00g / 10min (MFR)

    Temperature range: room temperature -450 

    Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 

    Timing accuracy: 1S

    Displacement accuracy: 0.01mm

    Load: full load

    Cutting method: manual, time control, automatic

    Barrel diameter: 9.550mm ± 0.025mm

    Length of cylinder: 160mm

    Die material: tungsten carbide

    Power: 0.45KW

    Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

    Instrument size: 350mm × 500mm × 650mm

    Instrument net weight: 45Kg

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