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Electronic Fabric Tensile Strength Tester
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  • Model:YG026DK
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    It is used for the analysis of mechanical properties such as tensile, tearing, bursting, peeling, constant elongation, constant load, elasticity, stitch slip and modulus of various textiles and rubber, shoe materials, leather, metal, building materials and other materials test. This equipment is a model with high precision grade, perfect function, stable performance and high cost performance in the domestic mechanical performance test instrument.

    Related standards
    GB/T3923.1/2、GB/T 3917.1/2/3/4/5、GB/T19976、ISO13934.1、ISO13935.1、ISO9073.3/4、ASTM D5035、ASTM D2261

    Instrument features
    1. The instrument column is made of aluminum alloy column. The surface of the instrument is treated with high temperature curing spray, which is scratch resistant and not easy to fade.
    2. Imported AC servo motor drive, ball screw, can be set for a wide range of speed, suitable for the mechanical properties of various materials.
    3. The instrument host adopts touch screen control, the operation is intuitive and simple, and the built-in printer is convenient to use.
    4. According to customer needs can provide a variety of standard test functions, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
    5. Multi-function pneumatic gripper, you only need to change the clip to complete different tests, the replacement is convenient and fast, the tensile and burst test does not need to replace the sensor.
    6. The instrument adopts an open structure. The user can freely edit the required test program, data analysis formula and test report according to the type and characteristics of the tested materials and the requirements of the test method. Instrument upgrades and maintenance are easily done with online support.
    7. The instrument clamping distance is set digitally and automatically positioned.
    8. The instrument uses a variety of protection measures: beam upper and lower limit protection device; fixture anti-collision protection device; sensor overload protection; and software set displacement and load limit protection; overcurrent, overvoltage protection. Real-time monitoring and display of fault information on major components is safer and more reliable.
    9. The instrument can be used with professional powerful machine testing software, its software has control instruments; test curve drawing; test data analysis, preservation, management; test report formation, printing and other functions. And support wireless wifi communication.

    Technical parameters
    1. Test range
          Model -50 -250 -500 (customized)
          Test range 500N 2500N 5000N
    2. Force measurement range: 1% to 100% of full scale
    3. Test accuracy: ≤0.2%F•S
    4. Tensile speed: 0.1-1000mm / min
    5. Effective range: 600mm
    6. Clamping method: pneumatic 
    7. Power: AC220V 50Hz 500W
    8. Dimensions: 670 × 480 × 1440mm
    9. Weight: 147Kg 

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