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10 Tips for your choosing universal testing machine
  • 1. Consider the tension force range of material.
    The tension force range determines the use of different sensors, it also determines the structure of the machine, such as single column or door columns, table bench or floor-standing, electronic or hydrulic machine. Generally 200N is already enough for flexible packaging, so single column is common in packaging industry. 

    2. Consider the test stroke of machine.
    According to the needs of flexible packaging film testing performance, the trip can be 500-600mm. The elongation of material more than 1000% can choose travel 1000 or 1200mm.

    3. The standard configuration issues.
    Three basic configuration: host machine, microcomputer, as well as printer,to print directly. Also can equipped with ordinary computer and software control system, you can carry out complex data analysis, such as data editing, local amplification, adjustable report form, the group of statistical analysis.

    4. The output of test results.
    The test results can be printed out arbitrarily: maximum force value, break elongation, break strength, constant strength elongation, fixed elongation value, yield strength, elastic modulus, the maximum test force. 
    5. Various fixtures and experimental project.
    Flexible packaging requires a multi-purpose machine, that is, doing tension with extensometer, compression, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree and 90 degree peeling test with different fixtures on the basis machine.

    6. The products configuration:
    Transmission part is divided into screw drive and rack drive, the former is expensive, high precision and test repeatability;
    The ball screw has the highest accuracy, and prices are more expensive.
    Load sensor, photoelectric sensor is one of the more advanced technology, generally available more than 100,000 times, imports and some domestic joint venture manufacturers can be achieved.

    7. Test speed.
    The national standard provides a test speed of 200mm / min, some of the market equipment in the 0.01 - 500 mm / min; For the flexible packaging business, the choice of servo system, speed range 1 - 500mm / min is enough, so that does not affect the accuracy and the price within a reasonable range.

    8. Measurement accuracy.
    Including the force accuracy, speed accuracy, deformation accuracy, displacement accuracy. These precision values can be up to 0.5. But for the general manufacturers, it enough to achieve 1% accuracy. 
    In addition, the force resolution can almost reach one hundred thousandth.

    9. Mechanical test with temperature chamber.
    You can test the properties of material under a specific temperature conditions, base on your needs.

    10. Software upgrade in the future.
    Maybe you have different of products to test in the future, so it's more economic if the system can be upgraded, replaced to purchase another one.

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