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How can we solve the problem encountered for electronic universal testing machine?
  • When the host power of electronic universal testing machine is connected, but the device can not move.
    Solution 1, see if the device can not move after 15 seconds, because the host machine needs to self-test boot;
    2, check whether the upper and lower limit in the right place, there is a certain operating space;
    3, see if the test machine access to the power supply.

    When the host power of electronic universal testing machine does not light?

    Solution: 1, check the power line connection is correct;
    2, check the state of emergency stop switch;
    3, check the machine socket on the insurance is blown, blow out after the backup fuse can be installed.

    When the computer software and electronic universal testing machine connected, the message box shows the message overload?
    Solution: 1, see the computer and test machine communication line for connection;
    2, check the online selection of the sensor selection is selected correctly;
    3, check before the inspection or operation of the keyboard, the sensor was hit;
    4. Check that the calibration values or other information in the hardware parameters have been changed manually.

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