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Paper water absorption tester
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  • Paper water absorption tester is a special equipment to detect capillary suction height of non-coated paper. For non-coated paper such as black paper and other paper with high water absorption, not suitable for capillary suction height of less than 5mm of paper within 10min.


    Test principle:

    A vertical suspension sample, the lower end immersed in water, the determination of the capillary suction height after a certain time, suction time according to the characteristics of the sample selection, such as 10min ± 10s.


    Implementation criteria:

    GB / T461.1 "Determination of capillary absorbance height of paper and paperboard"

    ISO 8787-86 "Paper and board - Determination of capillary absorption height - Klemme method"


    Technical Parameters

    1. Measuring range: (0 ~ 200) mm

    2. Paper thickness: 1.5mm

    3. Scale scale: 1mm

    4. Dimension: (410 × 210 × 380) mm

    5. Weight: about 11 kg

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