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Paper quantitative sampler
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  • Model:BN-100
  • Paper quantitative sampler is a specialized tool for the high weight and the weight of gray paper samples. The sampling knife can be used in many different areas, including: quantitative sampling of cardboard, quantitative sampling of textile, rubber and plastic sheeting, thin film quantitative sampling, flexible packaging and other composite sheet


    Implementation criteria:

    QB / T1671 "paper and cardboard physical properties test special punching equipment general technical requirements"

    GB / T451.2-2002 "Quantitative determination of paper and paperboard"

    ISO 536: 1995 "Paper and paperboard - Quantitative determination"


    Technical Parameters

    Sampling area: 100c square meters

    Sampling error: ± 0.35c ㎡

    Accuracy: ± 0.2mm

    Sampling thickness: (0.1 ~ 5.0) mm

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