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Packaging Double-Wing Drop Tester
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  • Model:BN-8021B
  • Product description

    The double-wing drop tester is mainly used to evaluate the influence degree of the package in the actual transportation, loading and unloading process, and to evaluate the impact resistance of the package during the handling process and the rationality of the packaging design.

    The design criteria for the drop test machine are as follows: GB4757.5-84, JISZ0202-87, ISO2248-1972 (E).

    The machine uses two-wing models, can be very stable fixed test products. The use of electric lift, drop, manual reset, the operation is very simple. The machine is equipped with a high degree of digital display, the user can be very intuitive through the display to observe the real-time product drop height.


    Technical Parameters

    1. Drop height range: 400-1500mm (can be customized)

    2. Allow the maximum weight of specimen: 65kg (can be customized)

    3. Allow the maximum size of specimen: 800 × 800 × 800mm

    4. Impact panel size: 1400 × 1200mm

    5. Arm size: 700 × 350mm

    6. Drop error: ± 10mm

    7. Motor power: increase 1 / 3HP, manually adjust the width

    8. Test system to meet the specification: ISO22488-1972 (E)

    9. Operation mode: electric drop, manual reset

    10. Test bench size: 1400 × 1200 × 2200mm

    11. Net weight: about 580kg

    12. Power: 380V 50HZ

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