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Larger Packaging Zero Drop Tester
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  • Model:BN-8021D
  • This Zero drop tester is mainly used for larger packaging drop test, to assess the impact strength and packaging design rationality in the actual transport, loading and unloading process and handling process.



    The machine is moved by an "E" -shaped fork that can be moved down quickly, and the test product is placed in equilibrium according to the test requirements (face, edge, corner test). Test arm when the high-speed downward movement, test products with the "E" type of fork fell to the end of plastic, in the role of high-performance shock absorber, embedded in the floor. In theory, the zero drop test machine can be dropped from the zero height range, the drop height is set by the LCD controller, and the drop test is automatically performed according to the set height.

    Control principle: micro-computer imports of electrical rational design, complete free fall, edge, angle, surface all aspects of design

    Applicable standards: GB / T1019-2008

    Technical Parameters

    Maximum weight of specimen


    Drop height

    0—1500 mm

    Maximum specimen size


    Test area

    Face, edge, angle

    Working power supply


    Drive mode

    motor driven

    Protective device

    Upper and under the induction protection device

    Impact plate material

    45 # steel, solid steel plate

    Height display

    LCD display, and can be set to a high degree of downtime

    Drop height mark

    Using the benchmark

    Arm structure

    45 # steel, made by welding

    Drive mode

    Taiwan imported linear slider and copper guide sleeve, 45 # chrome steel

    Accelerator device


    Drop mode

    Electromagnetic and pneumatic integrated


    About 1500KG



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