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Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Tester
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  • Model:BN-10D series
  •     BN-10D series of pipe hydrostatic testing machine using the most advanced airless-type pressure system, safe and reliable, high precision control. Applicable to PVC, PE, PP-R, ABS and other different materials and diameter of the fluid transmission with plastic pipe, composite pipe for long-term hydrostatic test, instantaneous blasting test, increase the corresponding facilities can also be hydrostatic stability Test (8760 hours) and slow crack propagation test. This series of products is a necessary testing equipment in the market of scientific research institutes, quality inspection departments and pipe production enterprises.

    Implementation criteria:

         Products meet GB / T 6111-2003, GB / T 15560-95, GB / T 18997.1-2003, GB / T 18997.2-2003, ISO 1167-2006, ASTM D1598-2004, ASTM D1599 and other standards.



    1.  Micro-control, industrial plat computer control, direct control

    2. BN-D type with digital display control;

    3.  The machine with "precision pressure control unit" multi-channel combination;

    4.  Independent control between the various channels without interference.

    5. 3-ways, 6-ways, 8-ways, 10-ways and other multi-station optional, up to 60 stations and above. With a hydrostatic test, blasting test and other functions,

    6.  Multi-range optional. 3,6,10,16,20 MPa ...

    7. Can be adapted to the diameter range: Ф2 ~ Ф2000mm

    8. Perfect test system on the boost, fill pressure, pressure relief, overvoltage, operation, the end of the leak, rupture eight test states to make accurate analysis and judgment, with real-time monitoring, data storage.

    9. Power protection, test report storage / print output and other functions. Automatically determine the effective time, invalid time, the remaining time and other parameters, to prevent the evening, holidays and other periods of failure time, invalid time.

    10. Power-down time and other conditions to ensure that the test is accurate and smooth completion. Instrument structure is reasonable, stable performance, easy operation, display intuitive.

    11. Rich software interface (multi-language environment to meet different countries / regions users.

    Technical Parameters:


    BN-10D Series

    Testable diameter



    36810153060 customized

    Control mode

    Micro-control, industrial PC control

    Display mode

    Industrial PC LCD color display

    Storage mode

    PC strorage

    Print mode

    Color printer output

    Test pressure

    Pressure range


    Control accuracy


    Display resolution


    Working range


    Indication error


    Test Timer

    Timer range


    Timer accuracy


    Timer resolution



    380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire 1KW

    Dimensions (three stations)

    750×600×1500mmor others

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