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Carbon Black Dispersion Tester
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  • Model:BN-3600H
  • BN-3600H carbon black dispersion tester is used to test carbon black dispersion and pigment of polyolefin pipe and others pipes. The instrument is based on software and trinocular microscope, can measure the carbon black particles, the size, shape and distribution of particles.

    Technical characteristics
    1, with trinocular microscope, 3 million pixel CMOS microscope high-definition camera.
    2, with a micro-scale, easy and efficient pixel size calibration.
    3, click on the particle image to display the particle morphology parameters.
    4, software support the separation of carbon black particles selected, to facilitate the separation of two conjoined carbon black particles.
    5, the software supports the removal of selected carbon black particles.
    6, the software can be set to 70 times or 100 times two magnification, easy to test different materials.
    7, using USB2.0 data interface, and computer compatibility more. The instrument is separate from the computer and can be equipped with a computer with a USB interface.
    8, to support the export of single leaf image.
    9, software to adapt to a variety of operating systems, such as XP \ WIN7 \ WIN8 \ WIN10 and so on.
    10, measurement results are rich in data, stored in the database, can enter any parameters, such as the operator name, sample name, date, time, etc. call analysis.
    11, instrument handsome in appearance, small size, light weight.
    12, high precision, repeatability, measurement time is short.
    13, optional slicer.

    Technical Parameters
    1, detection range 1um-1cm
    2, 3 million pixel microscope HD camera
    3, sample aperture 4mm
    4, optical magnification 100 times
    5, image size 1024 * 768 or 2048 * 1368 pixels
    6, instrument work power 220V / 2A / 50Hz

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