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Rubber Fatigue Cracking Tester
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  • Model:BN-4021
  • Rubber fatigue cracking tester is used for the determination of the performance  after repeated flexing of vulcanized rubber, rubber shoes and other materials, in line with GB / T 13934 " determination vulcanized rubber flex cracking" and GB / T13935, GB / T3901, GB / T4495, ISO132, ISO133 and other requirements. Digital setting, showing the number of flexion, automatic shutdown, the host and electrical control design as a whole, each sample can be individually assembled beautiful shape, easy to operate, for the latest domestic improved testing machine.

    Technical parameters:

    1. The next folder Reciprocating frequency: 300c / min

    2. The upper and lower gripper can adjust the maximum distance: 200mm

    3. Eccentric wheel can adjust the maximum distance: 50mm

    4. The next folder the maximum distance travel: 100mm

    5. Dimensions: 700mm × 450mm × 980mm

    6. Net weight: 120kg

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