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Digital Automatic Turret Microhardness Tester
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  • Model:HVS-1000Z
  • I. Introductions:

    This digital automatic turret microhardness tester is the latest development of the company's new generation of multi-function touch screen microhardness tester, the hardness of the novel shape, with good reliability, operability and repeatability, the test microscopy Hardness of the ideal product. The machine uses C language programming, high magnification optical measurement system and optical dual-channel structure, optoelectronics, optical couplers and other new technologies, in addition to meet the basic Vickers hardness test requirements, the upgraded digital micrometer eyepiece can be directly Read the measurement length, so as to obtain the measurement value more quickly and accurately. The upgraded control operating system adopts the 5.6-inch LCD touch screen to provide more measurement data and control more comprehensively.


    II. Usage Range:
    Heat treatment, carbide, quench hardened layer, the surface coating layer, steel, non-ferrous metal and small and thin shape parts, etc.

    III. Instrument features:
    1. Optical system designed by senior optical engineers not only the image is clear, but also as a simple microscope, adjustable brightness, visual comfort, long time operation is not easy to fatigue;
    2. 5.6-inch LCD touch screen display can be directly displayed on the hardness value, the conversion hardness, test methods, test force, brightness, Paul load time, the number of measurements, statistics, upper and lower limits of the measurement range, test time and other test process intuitive and clear;
    3. The system comes with calibration function, you can manually adjust the input error calibration equipment;
    4. Adjustable optical system brightness range: 0-100;
    5. Can store up to 100 sets of test data, the main interface shows the last 5 sets of test data;
    6. The test unit can be manually selected to convert each other, the conversion unit is: (Kgf, N)
    7. Can be simultaneously displayed: the maximum, minimum, average, maximum error, sample difference;
    8. The main interface can display 5 conversion scales at the same time, a total of 18 measurement scales can be converted: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HRK, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T, HV, HK, HBW;
    9. Can set the upper and lower limit measurement range, the main measurement interface display;
    10. The measuring ruler can be converted into HK Knoop hardness;
    11. The operating system can be converted in English;
    12. HVS-1000ZT models can be achieved: Observation - Test - Measurement of the position switch by the automatic turret complete
    13. A cast aluminum shell structure is stable and no deformation, pure white car paint grade, anti-scratch ability, the use of many years is still bright as new;
    14. Our company has its own R & D design, production and processing capacity, our machines provide replacement parts lifelong replacement and maintenance upgrades;

    IV. Technical parameter:



    Min measuring unit


    Test force


    3.0Kgf(29.4N),5Kgf(49.0N) ,10Kgf(98.0N)

    Max Height of Specimen


    Distance of Indenter to outer wall


    Net weight

    About 40Kg

    Power supply


    Net weight

    About 25Kg

    Overall Dimension


    Hardness measuring range


    method of testing force applied

    Automatic loading, unloading testing force

    Test microscope magnification

    1, automatic digital encoder;
       2, the total magnification (μm): 100 × (observation), 400 × (measurement);
       3, measuring range (μm): 200; 4, resolution (μm): 0.01

    Duration time


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