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Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester
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  • Model:HRTS-150
  • Introduction:

    HRTS-150 digital Rockwell hardness tester is a high-tech, stable performance of high-tech products, the interface menu, easy to operate, intuitive and convenient, the measuring device using grating sensor and computer control, the hardness of the touch screen directly on the value, Is the mechanical and electrical integration of hardness testing equipment.

    Features as follows:

    1. Product fuselage part of the molding process by a molding, and after a long time of aging. Relative to the puzzle process, long-term use of deformation is minimal, and can effectively adapt to a variety of harsh environments;

    2. Car pearl paint, paint quality grade, anti-scratch ability, the use of many years is still bright as new;

    3. The core components CNC machining parts, machine precision, greatly enhance the stability

    4. Intelligent digital Rockwell hardness tester, in addition to load selection to achieve automation;

    5. Through the motor to control the loading of the test force, charge and unload, eliminating manual manual Rockwell hardness error;

    6. Using touch screen interface, you can display and set the current test ruler, test force, test pressure head, Paul load time, hardness conversion value type;

    7. Built-in test software compensation on the machine, making the micro-deviation adjustment do not have to open the machine cover for mechanical adjustment, reducing the cost of use and after-sales service;

    8. According to the measured Rockwell hardness value automatically converted to the hardness of scales, no longer need to waste time and effort to check cumbersome hardness table; built-in printer, read the relevant test results. Automated operation eliminates human error and reading errors.

    Technical Parameters:

    Measuring range: 20-92HRA, 20-110HRB, 20-72HRC;

    Test Force: 588.4, 980.7, 1471N (60, 100, 150 kgf);

    Maximum allowable height of specimen: 200mm;

    Head center to the wall distance: 135mm;

    Hardness resolution: 0.1HR;

    Dimensions: 510 * 290 * 730mm;

    Weight: 75Kg

    Power: AC220V / 50Hz

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