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Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (TGA-DSC/DTA)
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  • Model:BN-STA1000
  •     This thermal analyser was combined with differential thermal analysis DTA or differential scanning calorimetry DSC, and TGA and DTA and DSC were obtained by using the same sample in the same measurement. It mainly measures the physical and chemical changes related to heat, such as the melting point of the material, heat of fusion, crystallization and crystallization heat, phase change heat, thermal stability (oxidation induced period), glass transition temperature, adsorption and desorption, Composition analysis, decomposition, combination, dehydration, additives and other changes in the study. The versatile design with rich options is the ideal tool in your lab. The instruments are widely used in most materials, including plastics, rubber, synthetic resins, fibers, coatings, grease ceramics, cement, glass, refractories, fuels, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, refractories and so on.

    Main features:

    1. 7-inch wide touch screen operation, display information rich, including set the temperature, sample temperature, DTA signal, hot weight signal, nitrogen flow, oxygen flow, a variety of switch status and other information.

    2. Gigabit Ethernet communication, fast transmission of data, versatility, reliable communication without interruption, support self-recovery connectivity.

    3. Integral fixed furnace structure, no need to lift up and down the furnace, easy loading, adjustable rate of any adjustable adjustable.

    4. External water bath protection, to ensure that the balance temperature.

    5. Platinum tray and platinum bracket, to achieve the true sense of the sample temperature reached 1250 degrees.

    6. Improve the installation process, all using mechanical fixed way, the sample support pole flexible to replace, to facilitate the different needs of users.

    7. Dual temperature probe to ensure high repeatability of sample temperature measurement. A temperature probe is installed on the furnace wall for PID control of the temperature of the entire furnace, but due to the thermal inertia of the temperature, conduction to the sample temperature has a certain deviation, and the degree of spring and summer deviation is not the same, therefore, The temperature of the probe temperature and temperature, whether it is poor heat signal or temperature signal, the error is relatively large; the instrument at the bottom of the sample more than a temperature probe, used to measure the true temperature of the sample, and the use of our special temperature control technology, Control the furnace wall temperature so that the sample temperature reaches the set temperature.

    8. Standardized sample, easy to correct the constant temperature coefficient.

    9. Software to adapt to the resolution of the computer screen, the software automatically adjusts the curve according to the size of the computer screen display. Support notebook, desktop; support Win2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7 and other operating systems.

    10. Powerful integrated thermal analysis software (Including the starting point temperature, the ending point temperature, the epitaxial temperature, the peak temperature, the area integral, the half width, the enthalpy variable, the enthalpy ratio, the reaction kinetics, the thermal loss TG, the first order Differential DTG and other functions), but also provides a powerful database management functions, data reports, export EXCEL raw data.

    Technical Parameter:

    1: DSC measurement range: ± 500mW

    2: Weight measurement range: 1mg-1g, if you need , the maximum can be expanded to 50g

    3: Temperature range: room temperature -1150℃, would expand to 1550 ℃

    4: Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃

    5: DSC resolution: ± 0.01 mW

    6: Weight Sensitivity: 0.01mg

    7: heating rate: 0.1 ℃ / min-100 ℃ / min arbitrary adjustable

    8: Display: 7 inch touch screen

    9: Gas control system: the use of glass rotor flowmeter or digital mass flow controller, to achieve two gas precise control switch.

    10: Power supply: 220V 50HZ; Ambient temperature and humidity: 5 ~ 40 ℃ RH <90%

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