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Heat Seal Tester
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  • Model:BN-HST-3
  • This heat seal tester is used to measure the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time and heat sealing pressure of plastic film substrate, flexible packaging composite film, coated paper and other heat sealing composite film by hot pressing sealing method. Accurate heat sealing test indicators. Control system all digital, key components using internationally renowned brand products, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.


    1. Control system digital display, fully automatic;
    2. Digital P.I.D. temperature control, high temperature control accuracy;
    3. Selected heat sealing knife material and custom heating pipe, heat sealing surface temperature uniformity;
    4. Double cylinder structure, the internal pressure balance mechanism;
    5. Pneumatic control components high precision, a full set of internationally renowned brands;
    6. Anti-hot design and leakage protection design, operation more secure;
    7. Heater components designed, uniform heat, long service life;
    8. Automatic and manual two modes of operation, can achieve efficient operation;
    9. According to ergonomic principles, to optimize the design of the operation panel, easy to operate.


    Technical Parameters: 
    1. Heat sealing temperature: room temperature ~ 300 ℃ (accuracy ± 1 ℃);
    2. Heat sealing pressure: 0 ~ 0.7Mpa;
    3. Heat sealing time: 0.01 ~ 9999.99s;
    4. Heat cover: 300mm × 10mm (other sizes can be customized);
    5. Heating method: single heating or double heating;
    6. Air pressure: ≤ 0.7MPa;
    7. Test conditions: standard test environment;
    8. Host size: 550 * 330 * 460mm (L × B × H);
    9. Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz;
    10. Net weight: 25 kg;

    11. According to the standard: QB / T 2358, ASTM F2029

    Standard configuration: host machine+ foot switch + air supply line + air filter + power line (gas source user-owned)

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