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Standard HandSheet Former
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  • Category: Product Testing For Pulp Paper
  • Model:BN-8053
  • Applications: 0 ~ 1000CSF
    Pulp capacity: 11000ml
    Sample diameter: round, Φ less than 200mm, square and other sizes to be customized.
    Molding material: special aluminum composite metal materials
    Molding weight range: the minimum molding weight 20g, the maximum thickness can be achieved about 20mm sheet material
    Body weight and thickness according to the type of fiber may be. Evenness index: uniformity of 40 to 110, depending on the specific circumstances of different fiber types and beating degrees
    Mesh selection: 80/100/120/200/300/400/500 comes standard with one of the mesh, according to different fiber characteristics
    High pressure dewatering control system: equipped with high pressure anti-suction high vacuum system
    Forming mesh diameter: Φ257mm
    Net fixture material: 304 # stainless steel
    Discharge network material: pure bronze
    Discharge efficiency: 0.7 / 4h / cm2
    Three layers of filter layer: 314-397-363cm2
    Drain tank: 20Cir
    Discharge pore size: Φ3mm
    Pulp fluidity: 18mmH
    Three levels of water: 20-160-710mm

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