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Canadian Standard CSF Freeness Tester
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  • The Canadian Standard Freeness Tester is used to determine the rate of filtration aqueous suspension of various pulp. The rate of filtration reflects the condition that the fibers are beaten or ground. The standard fouling tester is widely used in the testing of the beating process in the papermaking industry, the development of the papermaking process and the various papermaking pulping experiments of the research institutes. It is an indispensable measuring instrument for the research of pulp and papermaking.

    Technical parameters:

    1. Application: pulp, composite fiber

    2. Implementation of the standard: TAPPI T227

    3. Compliance with standards: ISO 5267/2, AS / NZ 1301, 206s, BS 6035 part 2, CPPA C1, and SCAN C21; QB / T1669 1992

    4. Standard size: length 300 mm × height 1120 mm × width 400 mm

    5. Measuring range: 0 ~ 1000CSF

    6. Weight: 53kg

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