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Pulp Disintegrator
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  • The pulp disintegrator is a standard disintegrator that dissociates the fiber into a single fiber by rotating the pulp raw material in the water at high speed. It is used for the preparation of manual papermaking, the determination of the degree of water filtration and the preparation of the selected sample.

    The equipment meets JIS-P8220, TAPPI-T205, ISO-5263 and other standards. In the structure of the vertical, simple, reliable, good cover seal, the container with toughness transparent material, stirring process visual.

     Technical parameters:

    1. Inner diameter of the container: Φ152 × 191mm

    2. Loading volume: ≤3L

    3. Mixing impeller speed: 48.3 ± 1.65-1 (2900 ± 100r / min)

    4. The distance between the mixing blade and the bottom of the container: 25mm

    5. Motor power: 250W; 220V / 50HZ

    6. Dimension: 520 × 300 × 470mm

    7. Weight: 40kg

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