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Computerized Coefficient Of Friction Tester
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  • Model:BN-5002
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    This computerized coefficient of friction tester is a dedicated testing instrument for measuring coefficient of friction of flexible plastic films, foils, paper, nonwovens and other sheet material.


    Related standards:

    ASTM D1894ASTM D4521, ASTM D2534, ISO 8295, TAPPI T-816, TAPPI T-549,etc


    Special features:
    • Meet to international test standards;
    • Flexible Transmission system drive, making more stable, more accurate test;
    • Microcomputer control, operation of all buttons;
    • LCD large-screen LCD full display test data;
    • Automatically determine the material slip sticky status and test results between samples quantitative analysis of discrete;
    • The results of the group test statistical analysis and processing, micro-printer printout mode;
    • Be able to store six groups test data with a curve display, query and other necessary functions.

    • RS232 communication interface to computer software CD, test curve display.


    Main technical parameters:

    Load Range: 0 ~ 5 N, accuracy: 0.5
    Stroke: 70 mm, 100mm, 150 mm
    Slider weight: 200g (Standard)
    Test speed: 100mm/min, 150mm/min
    Environmental Requirements: Temperature 10 °C ~ 40 °C Humidity 20% RH ~ 70% RH
    Power source: AC 220V 50Hz or AC110V 60Hz
    Dimensions: 400 (L) × 300 (B) × 180 (H) mm
    Net weight: 26Kg

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