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DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter
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    The differential scanning calorimeter is a touch screen, designed for the measurement of DSC thermal analysis in plastics and rubber industry, can be glass transition temperature test, phase transition test, melting and enthalpy test, product stability, oxidation induction test, etc. This instruments conforming to national standards GB / T 19466.2 - 2004 / ISO 11357-2: 1999 Part 2: Determination of glass transition temperature, GB / T 19466.3 - 2004 / ISO 11357-3: 1999 Part 3: Melting and crystallization temperature and Determination of enthalpy.

    Main features:
    1. Wide screen touch structure of industrial level, rich display information, including the set temperature, sample temperature, oxygen flow rate, nitrogen flow, differential thermal signals, all kinds of switch state, flow goes to zero.
    2. USB communication interface, generality is strong, reliable communication don't interrupt, support the restore connection function.
    3. Furnace structure is compact, arbitrary adjustable cooling rate.
    4. Improved installation process, all adopt the machinery fixed way, completely to avoid contamination of furnace inside colloid to differential thermal signal.
    5. Double temperature probe, make sure the height of the sample temperature measurement repeatability. Temperature sensor is installed on furnace walls all the way, used for PID control of the furnace body temperature, but due to the temperature of thermal inertia, conduction to the temperature on the sample have some deviation, and deviation degree of different season is different, therefore, with one temperature probe temperature control and temperature measurement, differential thermal signals and temperature signals, the error is larger; The instrument in the bottom of the sample how to install a temperature probe, used to measure the real temperature of the sample, and used our special temperature control technology, control the temperature of furnace wall temperature to reach the set temperature.
    6. Digital gas mass flow meter atmosphere automatic switching two way traffic, fast switching and stable time is short.
    7. Support user programming procedures, to achieve fully automated measuring step. Software provides dozens of commands, users can according to your own measurement steps, and combined the orders, and save. Complex operation is simplified into a key operation.

    Technical parameter:
    DSC range 0~±500mW
    Temperature range Room temperature~800℃, air cooling
    Heating rate 0.1~80℃/min
    Temperature resolution 0.01℃
    Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
    Temperature repeatability ±0.1℃
    DSC accuracy ±2%
    DSC resolution 0.01mW
    DSC resolution 0.01mW
    Temperature control method Constant temperature, programs control automatically
    Temperature control mode Rise in temperature
    Atmosphere control of gas Nitrogen,oxygen (instrument changes  automatically)
    Gas flow 0-200mL/min
    Gas pressure 0.2MPa
    Accuracy of gas flow 0.2mL/min
    Matching crucible Alumina crucible Φ6.7*3mm
    Standard sample Equipped with standard material(tin) the user can correct the temperature and enthalpy
    Data communication interface standard USB interface
    Display method 24bit color,7 inch touch screen
    Power supply AC220V  50Hz/60Hz
    Size (W * D * H) 50*40*20cm
    Net weight 14.5KG
    Packing size (W * D * H) 60*52*40cm
    Gross weight 23.5KG

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