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Automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Aapparatus
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    This automatic kjeldahl distillation aapparatus using an internationally accepted Kjeldahl method for nitrogen-containing samples for automatic distillation. Fully intelligent software design, allowing the experimenter to easily complete the sample distillation within minutes. Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer can achieve automatic waste discharge digestion cleaning function, easy automatic titration cup waste discharge, automatic cleaning work, the new design of the steam generating system can control the amount of steam, the receiver fluid temperature real-time detection ; High-precision corrosion-resistant pump and linear motor microtitration system to ensure the accuracy of experimental results. Widely used in food processing, feed production, tobacco, animal husbandry, soil fertility, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and other fields, nitrogen or protein content determination.

    Main features and advantages:
    · Automatic distillation, titration, calculation, printing, automatic emptying and cleaning functions, to provide safe and time-saving operation
    · External titration cup design, the operator real-time control of the experiment
    · Steam flow controllable, experimental more convenient and flexible
    · Distilled liquid temperature real-time monitor, when the temperature of slurries is abnormal, the instrument will be stopped automatically to ensure the accuracy of experimental results
    With a double distillation mode to meet different experimental requirements, to ease the acid-base reaction intensity
    · Rapid emptying of the digestive tract to prevent the experimenter from contacting the thermal reagent after distillation to protect the safety of laboratory personnel
    High-precision dosing pump and titration system to ensure the accuracy of experimental results
    · Large LCD touch screen, easy to operate, informative, allowing users to quickly grasp the use of the instrument
    · The instrument has safety sensors, test tube in place, condensate, reagent level, steam generator and other sensors, all the information is in full control, to ensure the safety of experimental and operator
    · The introduction of mold injection molding technology makes the product more perfect.
    · Φ42mm digestive tract, with seamless integration of imported equipment, fully compatible with the advent of the times.
    · Side distillation titration design, greatly reducing the experimental time.
    · More user-friendly design, LCD full color touch screen, easy to use.
    Faster ARM system, computing speed faster.
    Main technical parameters:
    Measurement range 0.1mg ~ 200mg nitrogen
    Determination of speed K1100F: 3 ~ 8min
    Repeatability error RSD ≤ ± 0.5%
    Recovery rate ≥ 99.5%
    Titration accuracy 1.0μL / step
    Determination of sample weight ≤5g liquid ≤20mL solid
    Condensate consumption 1.5L / min
    Data storage 1800 sets
    Power 220 V AC ± 10% 50Hz
    Power 2KW
    Overall dimensions (length × width × height) 455mm × 391mm × 730mm
    Net weight 38Kg

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