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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester
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  • Category: Product Testing For Textile Fabric
  • Model:YG401E Series
  • Application

    For abrasion resistance and pilling test of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, pile fabrics, coated fabrics and non-woven fabrics.

    Related standards

    GB / T21196-2007, GB / T4802.2 GB / T19089 ISO1670-2 ISO12947-1 ASTM D4966 ASTMD 497 IWS TM196,112 JIS L1096 DIN53863 DIN53865 BS3424 BS5690 BS EN388 BS EN530 M & S and so on.

    Instrument features

    1Two kinds of Lissajous movement trajectory

                         60×60mm,    24×24mm

    2Weight and key components made of 304 stainless steel, good looks, durable

    3The pressure plate made of special aluminum alloy, to ensure long-term use without deformation

    4Needle roller bearing type transmission, to ensure that the workbench test error-free

    5Can be preset multiple sets of operating procedures, a variety of counting methods (incremental and decreasing)

    6Every station independent cumulative count, can be locked at any single station for easy test management

    7Color touch screen control, Chinese and English menu interface

    Technical parameters






    Control mode

    Color touch screen control

    Counting range

    0 ~ 999999 times (can be saved)

    Pressure weight

    a Holder

    b Cloth sample weight

    c Furniture parts sample weight

    d Stainless steel butterfly

    200 +/-1g

    395 +/-2g

    594 +/-2g

    260 +/-1g

    Rubbing diameter

    a Rubbing head

    b Rubbing head

    A type 200g (1.96N) friction head (9KPa) ¢ 28.8 mm

    B type 155g (1.52N) friction head (12KPa) ¢ 90mm

    Friction relative speed


    Dimensions( L x W x H cm)

    61x 59 x 42

    85 x 65 x 42

    85 x 71 x 42

    85 x 80 x 42







    AC220V 50Hz 500W

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