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Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester
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  • Category: Product Testing For Textile Fabric
  • Model:YG022D
  • Scope of application:

    It is used for the determination of the stiffness of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and general non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics, etc., such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber, etc. It is also suitable for flexible materials such as paper, leather and film.

    Test standards:

    ZB WO4003、GB/T18318、ASTM D 1388、IS09073-7、BS EN22313

    Instrument features:

    1. Panel buttons are sensitive and not easy to damage.

    3. Using infrared measurement method, agile response, accurate data.

    4, step by step stepper motor control, test speed can be set from 0.1mm / s ~ 8.0mm / s.

    5. The transmission device is a ball screw and a linear guide to ensure smooth operation and no swing.

    6. The pressure plate presses the sample by its own weight, conforms to the standard, and does not cause deformation of the sample.

    7. The instrument has a print interface, you can directly report the data.

    8. Three standards plus a custom standard sample direction (latitude and longitude) can test up to 99 sets of data.

    9. Online working mode: professional analysis software, computer operations, report statistics, printout.

    Technical parameters:

    1, host working mode: microcomputer control, infrared invisible bevel detection, report printing

    2, online working mode: professional analysis software, computer operation, report statistics, printout

    3, the accuracy of the instrument: 41.5 °; 43 °; 45 ° adjustable

    4, extended length range: 0.5-20.5cm

    5, measurement accuracy: 0.01cm

    6, sample specifications: 2.5 × 25cm

    7, unit selection: cm, mm, in can be switched

    8, online mode: USB online

    9, specimen platen specification: 2.5×25cm

    10, power supply: AC220V 50Hz 0.12Kw

    11, dimensions: 470 × 290 × 405mm

    12, weight: 18Kg

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