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Textile Ironing Sublimation Tester
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  • Category: Product Testing For Textile Fabric
  • Model:YG605 Series
  • Scope of application

    It is used for the ability of various types of textiles with stable size and shape to resist dry heat and the heat resistance of textile materials, textiles, the ability of heat-resistant drum processing and the strength of fabric chlorine loss.

    Instrument characteristics

    1. Microcomputer temperature and time control system, full digital temperature, time setting and display, solid state relay control heater, no noise on opening and closing, long service life.

    2. The upper and lower heating blocks are ground and oxidized by aluminum alloy to ensure good coupling between the heating block and the sample. The heat insulator around the heating block is die-cast by PTFE, which has good heat insulation. And ensure the uniformity of temperature.

    Applicable standard

    GB/T5718; GB/T6152; FZ/T01077; AATCC92/114/117/133; ISO105-P01; ISO105-X11

    Main Specifications





    Test methods

    Sublimation (double-sided heating); ironing (single-sided heating)

    Number of stations

    1 station

    3 stations

    Heating plate area

    50×110mm (ISO standard)

    125×125mm (AATCC standard)

    50×110mm (ISO standard)

    Test pressure

    4kPa±1 kPa (Upper heating block weighs 16N)

    4kPa±1 kPa(Upper heating block weighs 62.5N)

    4kPa±1 kPa (Upper heating block weighs 16N)

    Test temperature

    Room temperature~250℃,LED display

    Test time

    1~999s,LED display


    420×290×230 mm

    500×330×230 mm

    520 × 530 × 310mm

    Power supply



     AC220V, 3800W

Product Category

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